2001 Kia Sedona Alternator Replace

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2001 Kia Sedona Alternator Replace

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2001 Kia Sedona Alternator Replace

First thing. This is a terrible project! To replace to alternator on a 2001 Kia Sedona. My first try took me 5 hours and 30 minutes. I probably could cut it down to 1 hour for my 2nd try. And just to compare, I can replace the alternator on my 1993 Mercury Cougar in 10 minutes at the most.

0. Unplug the negative battery cable.

1. Learn how to get the serpentine belt loose. There are 2 things that need to be loosened. The pulley Lock Nut and the Adjustment Bolt.

1.0. Loosen the bolt that is actually holding the Tension pulley. Yes that is correct, the one that in the center of the Tension pulley. Counter-clockwise I believe.
1.1. Next what I did was turn the steering wheel all the way to the right.
1.2. In the wheel well area. I found 2 screw/bolts and a snapper bolt that holds the wheel well cover. There may be more screws underneath near the bumper. Take those screws out. Then fight the cover to take it out completely.
1.3. You should be able to see some belts now. Use the camera on your phone with the flash on. Record a video. Locate the Adjustment Bolt underneath the Tension pulley, (on the other side of the belt.
1.4. Wrench out the bolt, I believe counter-clockwise, it shouldn't take too much force (like the mistake I did). Once the bolt is completely loose to be able to turn it by hand, then you might be able to take the belt off the pulley. I just took the whole pulley off and set it to the side.

2. Now that the serpentine belt is off the pulley. A lot of things is going to be going on here. And very very tight spaces.

2.0. Take off that air intake piece. 2 bolts on the radiator cover and then screw driver that holds it on the air filter compartment.
2.1. Take off the metal cover that is right above the radiator. There should be 6 main bolts. 3 on each side. And then there should be 2 or a few that holds the hood latch. Take off that hood latch too. Then figure out all the things that need to be disconnected to completely take off that metal piece. And disconnect the wiring by pressing the levels, may take some really good wiggling to get it disconnected.
2.2. Disconnect the upper radiator hose. Also unbolt it from the engine (if you can yet). Lift the hose up out of the way, it can rest on the engine cover so it doesn't bug ya.
2.3. This is going to be some very tight spaces here. The big radiator fan must come out first. There is a bolt/screw on the top, and 2 on the side. This is a challenge and practice to the smaller fan. The big fan must come all the way out and set to the side.
2.4. The smaller fan is even worse. 1 or 2 bolt/screws on the top, 2 on the side, and 1 on the bottom. wiggle the fan where the big fan was, then take it completely out.

3. The alternator.

3.1. 2 main bolt/fasteners and 1 smaller bolt-arm holds the alternator. The bolts will not actually be able to fully come out just yet. just have them as far out as it can go.
3.2. The wiring should come off first before trying to move it around. underneath the red rubber cover and then the level-press wiring that might be stuck, just wiggle it and careful with pliers.
3.3. Make sure the belt is off the alternator pulley.
3.4. the alternator might be stuck so just wiggle it up and down. try use a cheap screw driver to pry it a little. But always make sure the bolts are far out as possible but doesn't get caught too. (i had to hammer the alternator back in place just to line up the bolts again). The bolts will eventually be allowed to take out.
3.5. Wiggle the alternator out towards the radiator. Then you should be able to wiggle through the mess to the right along where the radiator fans used to be. And then finally up and out!!!.

4. Finally the alternator is out!!!! Reverse the order when placing the new alternator in.